Introduction to Wu tang SHaN CHUAN

The martial art of Wu Tang Mountain

The style that the legendary Taoist Chang San Fen created about 700 years ago was called Wu Tang Shan Nei Jia Chuan – Wu Tang Mountain Internal School of Martial Arts. This is often shortened to Wu Tang Shan Chuan – Wu Tang Mountain Fist.

Did Chang San Fen create Wu Tang Shan Chuan? Or was it developed by many people over many generations?
We may never know, but the style is incredibly effective as both a martial art and a healing system.

A much more detailed explanation of Wu Tang Shan Chuan is contained within The Training Manual of The College of Chinese Martial Arts.

Some Movements from the Wu Tang Shan Chuan Forms

Wu Tang Shan Chuan contains nine short martial arts forms that also have special chi kung exercises within them. These exercises increase one’s chi and invigorate its circulation around the body to improve health. The way of moving in these forms also increases the jin (internal force) and fa jin (explosive release of internal force). The forms are a type of moving meditation which has a spiritually transforming effect.

The movements of Wu Tang Shan Chuan were incorporated into many other martial arts styles. Eventually, these other styles merged with each other and became what we today call Tai Chi Chuan. Wu Tang Shan Chuan is not Tai Chi Chuan, but it is the source system that Tai Chi Chuan originally derived from.

Plum Blossom Temple

The Lang Mei Temple on Wutang Mountain dedicated to Chang San Fen

Chang San Fen

Inside is a statue of Chang San Fen

Paul Brecher in China on Wu Tang Mountain

At the Lang Mei Temple on Wu Tang Mountain, a wall carving says:

Chang San Fen created the Wu Tang Shan Chuan based on the principles of the interaction of Yin and Yang.
By working with one’s internal energy, one can become immortal.

The Nine Forms of Wu Tang Shan Chuan

The Penetration Form
The Leaping Form
The Eight Directions Form
The Spiral Form
The Waving Form
The Closing Up Form
The Water Form
The Earth Form
The Emptiness Form

A much more detailed explanation of the whole Wu Tang Shan Chuan system is contained within The Training Manual of The College of Chinese Martial Arts.