The True History of Wing Chun

The True History of Wing Chun

200 years ago, less than 100 people practiced Wing Chun. Today, Wing Chun is practiced globally by over 100,000 people. The vast majority of them believe the Wing Chun creation story.

Introduction to Tai Chi Chuan

Introduction to Tai Chi Chuan

The Old Yang Style of Tai Chi Chuan was created by Yang Lu Chan (1799–1872).

Tai Chi Classics

Old Yin Yang

The Tai Chi Classics are historical writings of the old masters. They are technical manuals which let us know what we should have within our art so that we can practice it correctly.

Introduction to Wu Tang Shan Chuan

Wutang Chuan

It is often written that Chang San Fen, about 700 years ago, created this style while he was on Wu Tang (Wudang) mountain.

Introduction to Pa Kwa Chang


The practice of circle walking in Pa Kua Chang comes from Taoist chi kung  circle walking which can trace its roots back to circle walking shamanic traditions of the Mongolian-Siberian shaman.

Ladakh Himalaya Expedition

Ladakh Expedition

Expedition to Ladakh to find the pre Buddhist Shamanic origins of the martial art of Pa Kua Chang.

Introduction to Dim Mak

Introduction to Dim Mak

Dim mak has many useful benefits. It can be an extra tool to help us in a self-defence situation, and I believe most importantly it can lead martial artists to become acupuncturists. This is because the dim mak points are all acupuncture points. 

Introduction to Taoist Meditation

Introduction to Taoist Meditation
The advanced meditations of Taoism are taught in my book A Taoist Way of Life. In this article, I share with you the three basic introductory meditations of Taoism.

Introduction to General Health

Introduction to General Health

To maintain good health, it is necessary to look after one’s body, mind, emotions and chi. In TCM, one of the most important ideas to maintain good health is that the chi should flow smoothly around the whole body and that the mind should be balanced and calm. 

Truth about the Chinese Martial Arts

The Truth of Martial Arts

Traditional Chinese martial arts have been practiced continually in mainland China for at least three thousand years. Over the last 43 years, I have seen many changes and developments in the martial arts world. 

God of Martial Arts

zhen Wu

When I started to learn Tai Chi Chuan I read that it was created by Chang Sang Fen on Wudang mountain. But the whole complex of temples across the entire mountain range and the main temple at the top of the peak of Wudang mountain was dedicated to Zhen Wu, not Chang Sang Fen. So who was Zhen Wu?



Since the age of ten, I have been interested in Chinese martial arts, Chinese healing arts and Chinese spiritual arts. As I learnt more and developed my skills in these areas, I inevitably heard the word Dragon.

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