Qualified Instructors of The College of Chinese Martial Arts

Introduction to Tai Chi Chuan
The Tai Chi Classics
Introduction to Wutang Shan Chuan
Introduction to Wing Chun
Introduction to Pa Kwa Chang (Bagua Zhang)
The Pa Kua Chang Wooden Man Form
Acupuncture and Trigram History
Ladakh Himalaya Expedition
Zhen Wu God of The Martial Arts
Introduction to Dim Mak (Acupuncture Points Strikes)
Healthy Food

Journal of The College of Chinese Martial Arts
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Volume 2 February 2010
Volume 3 March 2010
Volume 4 April 2010
Volume 5 May 2010
Volume 6 June 2010

Paul on mystical Wutang Shan (Wudang Mountain)