Welcome to the College of Chinese Martial Arts

Once the lockdown restrictions are over, I will be re-starting the Wing Chun Classes and the Private Martial Arts Lessons.

You can also learn online. I have a Dim Mak Course and also a course teaching Iron-Shirt and Iron Palm.

You might like to have a look at my Martial Arts Books available as paperbacks and Kindle downloads.

I hope you find all these items interesting to learn and enjoyable to train.

Paul Brecher BA FAcS TCM
Chief Instructor of The College of Chinese Martial Arts

Wing Chun Classes in Hampshire

Student Reviews of Paul’s Wing Chun Class
David – “I’d go every day if I could. Brilliant teacher and friendly fellow students. The best club for miles around.”

Nick – “I can highly recommend Paul’s teaching of Wing Chun at this class, I have been joining in for 6 months and it seems to me to be a Martial Art for the thinking person.”

The Wing Chun Class
Training in the Chinese Martial Art of Wing Chun is enjoyable and interesting. You develop self-defence and good health. As you ascend through the system your martial arts skills and inner strength increase. Wing Chun is a way of self-development as well as a way of self-defence.

The Wing Chun Book
A detailed explanation of the whole Wing Chun system is contained within Paul’s Wing Chun Book that students receive free at their first class. The book contains the structured syllabus that students work their way through. They can see how they are progressing and achieve their goals.

Wing Chun – Chinese martial arts kung fu classes in Hampshire
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