The College of Chinese Martial Arts

Welcome to the College of Chinese Martial Arts

New Wing Chun class starting Monday 3rd January 2022

19:00 – 20:30 at the Selborne Village Hall 

Training in the Chinese Martial Art of Wing Chun is enjoyable and interesting. You develop self-defence and good health. As you ascend through the system your martial arts skills and inner strength increase. Wing Chun is a way of self-development as well as a way of self-defence.


Wing Chun group classes Monday evenings at the Selborne Village Hall (Hampshire)


Private martial arts lessons in Wing Chun Kung Fu


Martial Arts Iron Shirt & Iron Palm and Dim Mak online courses


Martial arts and healing arts books available as Kindle downloads or paperbacks

I hope you find all these items interesting to learn and enjoyable to train.

Paul Brecher BA FAcS TCM
Chief Instructor of The College of Chinese Martial Arts