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Dim Mak for Martial Arts
Dim Mak has many useful benefits.

It makes our martial arts training more interesting and it can be an extra tool to help us in a self-defence situation. I believe, most importantly, it can lead martial artists to become acupuncturists.

This is because the dim mak points are acupuncture points. Out of the 400 acupuncture points (approximately 360 main points and 40 extra points), 26 work as dim mak points. These 26 dim mak points are all clearly explained in my book and online course.

Learn from the Book – Dim Mak for Martial Arts
or learn with our Dim Mak Online Course

To be able to use dim mak on a basic level, one only needs to know the location of a handful of easily accessible points and how to use one’s martial arts skill to hit them. Many of the points work when they are hit with normal external power. One does not need to spend years learning fa jin (striking with an explosive release of internal force). However, by knowing true fa jin, it makes it possible to generate great force from a very short distance. This means, if we do not have much room to manoeuver, we can hit the dim mak points from a very close distance, and they will still work.

Dim mak works because the acupuncture points that are hit are on the anatomically most weak areas of the body.

There is no mystery to dim mak. It is correct according to western anatomical science.

It is clear that in ancient China, martial artists knew acupuncture and used this knowledge to make their self-defence systems more effective. However, if we take a deep look into ourselves, we realise that just cultivating the skill of being able to harm people is very unbalanced. However, if we study acupuncture, then we have some balance. We can heal injuries to ourselves and others that occur during our martial arts training and also help others to recover from illness and injury.

Dim mak should never be used for demonstrations.

It should only be used for self-defence if there is no other option. There is short and long-term damage from any type of knockout, so it would not be sensible for a person to volunteer themselves to be hit at a seminar where dim mak is being demonstrated.

If we train to be effective acupuncturists as well as effective martial artists, then we have a yin yang balance in our training and our lives. We can be healers as well as fighters by using the same knowledge of acupuncture points for both self-defence and healing.

For those people interested in the 26 dim mak points, you can learn from the Book – Dim Mak for Martial Arts or learn with our Dim Mak Online Course.