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Paul Brecher has been practicing Chinese martial arts and chi kung (qi gong) for 35 years, Taoist meditation for 25 years and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for 25 years. He has been practicing Taoist Sexual Kung Fu since 1987.

In this book, he explains in detail the techniques of Taoist Sexual Kung Fu so that men can gain the benefits of this ancient Chinese system to improve general health and increase longevity.

In 1972 a tomb at a place called Mawangdui in China was opened. This tomb had been sealed over two thousand two hundred years ago. Inside amongst many other artifacts were found three texts explaining Taoist Sexual Kung Fu.

People who practise energy-based meditations can incorporate these techniques and so benefit from the increase in personal power gained through the cultivation of their sexual energy. Many practitioners of martial arts are also interested in these techniques because of the resulting increase in the amount of chi energy for greater internal power.

In addition, a man who has mastered these methods is able to have multiple whole-body orgasms, greater sexual vitality, maintain his erection for longer and transform the sexual experience into a spiritual experience.

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Foreword by Uta Demontis, Ph.D.

This book is for men who desire to cultivate their sexual energy, increase their internal power and transform their sexual experiences into spiritual experiences. People who meditate can incorporate these techniques into their practice and gain the benefits of the creative potential of their sexual energy.

I have known Paul for several years. Paul is a highly skilled Taoist practitioner, martial artist and acupuncturist. Paul lives and breathes Taoism. He keeps astonishing me about the depth of his knowledge of Taoist practices and skills.

Paul has written books on Taoist practices for quite some time. Many of his books have been translated into several different languages for the international market, and he has sold over 100,000 books worldwide, including mainland China. Paul knows his stuff, and this book is another contribution to the knowledge of this arcane field we are both engaged in.

Taoist Sexual Kung Fu is a topic that I highly value. My interest in Taoist sexual practices led me to carry out “A Mixed-Method Study of Taoist Practices and their Effect on the Sexual Health of Men” for my PhD dissertation in Human Sexuality. From my research and experience as a Taoist instructor and Clinical Sexologist, I can say that Taoist Sexual Kung Fu practices are a hidden gem.

Many Taoist instructional books are very technical and difficult to understand unless one already has in-depth knowledge about Taoism. This book, however, is a clear, concise and practical manual that guides the reader to an easy understanding of Taoist Sexual Kung Fu.

Paul has the ability to explain Taoist techniques in a simple and easy- to-understand way. This book is of great value as it presents this information in a highly readable way and so makes these ancient methods accessible to a wide audience.

The techniques taught in this book can enable you to:
Last longer during intercourse
Enhance your sexual vitality
Have stronger erections
Enjoy multiple orgasms
Expand your pleasure and experience whole-body orgasms
Deepen intimacy with your partner
Have overall more energy and better health
This books is a must read for all men who desire to enhance their sexual vitality and learn the secrets of the ancient Taoist bedroom arts.

Uta Demontis, Ph.D.
Relationship Coach, Clinical Sexologist and Taoist Instructor London, UK