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Paul Brecher has been practicing Chinese martial arts and chi kung (qi gong) for 35 years, Taoist meditation for 25 years and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for 25 years. His books have been translated into many different languages for the international market and since 1997 he has sold over 100,000 books worldwide, including in mainland China. In this book he brings together all his knowlege and experience to teach Taoist meditation.

Through the practice of these methods one can improve ones health, increase longevity and develop the spirit. The first half of the book is about Paul’s travels in the 1980’s in south east asia and the spiritual teachers he trained with. The second half is a technical manual from which you can learn the Taoist meditation methods that Paul learnt all those years ago. Due to demand from past and existing students for a book to accompany his many lectures and classes on this subject Paul has now finally put into print these powerful methods.

The practice of these meditations will help to promote:

Good Health
Long Life
A strong Spirit

The meditations in this book result from combining the teachings of three great Masters. Sifu Tan Choo Seng who introduced Paul to the true spirit of the Chinese Internal Martial Arts. Guru Made Sudira who explained the spiritual path. The Chinese Doctor, Miow Su, who taught Paul energy healing and advanced breathing exercises. After many decades of study of Chinese history and culture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Paul has created a book full of useful and relevant information about the Taoist Way of Life in a clear and direct Way.

The book contains very powerful chi kung (qi gong) and nei kung (nie gong) breathing energy and spirit meditations

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Book Review by CK Lau

A Taoist Way of Life

I know Paul Brecher to be a highly skilled Martial Artist and Healer, a dedicated and top-notch teacher of his arts, and now from his latest book, “A Taoist Way of Life”, I get to know him as a Taoist. In Paul’s latest excellent book, he charts his early “Walkabout” years in a journey of discoveries and encounters that would shape his Taoist way of life. His remarkable journey took him to various parts of South East Asia, Singapore, Sumatra, Bali, and the Himalayas. During his journey Paul learned martial arts, philosophies, and meditation methods that are central to his Taoist way of life. Through hard work and dedication, Paul has consolidated the fruits of his journey and found his own Taoist path. His path leads him to an extraordinary and wonderful life that is without a journey’s end!

I have always found Paul’s books to be highly informative and contain only relevant information that is presented in a simple and straight forward manner without fancy words. “A Taoist Way of Life” is no exception and again Paul generously shares his hard earned knowledge and experience openly with the usual depth and detail. Theories and ideas are described and conveyed clearly with the aid of diagrams and inspirational pictures. The practical aspects of the book such as the Taoist Mediation Methods are arranged in a logical order with each method shown in clear and manageable steps so the reader can take in each stage before proceeding to the next. Thus you can take it all in your own leisurely Taoist way!

Reading “A Taoist Way of Life” was a joy to me. The stories of Paul’s travels were extremely entertaining and at times gripping. The Taoist Philosophy was enlightening and I was amazed at how much it is interwoven into the martial arts and healing arts. It has provided me with extra areas of exploration and inspiration in my search of my own Taoist path. Overall, I think the best part is the Taoist Meditations, with these I am sure my health will be enhanced, along with the theoretical and practical sides of my martial arts. My spirituality will benefit immensely from these meditations as they will take me to the higher levels and beyond. I highly recommend this book to people, that are seeking the Taoist way of life, or want to improve their health through Taoist meditations, or want an insight into Taoist meditations and philosophy, or just want a reference for Taoist meditation methods, or martial artists wanting to improve their art, or armchair travelers who are interested in a quest, or all of the above!