Pauls books have been translated into many different languages for the international market and since 1997 he has sold over 100,000 books worldwide, including in mainland China !

Principles of Tai Chi – Published by Thorsons in 1997.
Way of The Spiritual Warrior – Published by Thorsons in 1998.
Tai Chi Directions – Published by Thorsons in 2000.
Secrets Of Energy Work – Published by Dorling Kindersley in 2001
Tai Chi Fighting and Healing – Published by Jedzac Books 2002
The Principles of Bagua – Published by Jedzac Books 2006
Practical TCM – Published by CCM Press 2009
TCM Clinical Reference – Published by CCM Press 2009
The College of Chinese Martial Arts Training Manual – Published by CCMA Press 2009
A Taoist Way of The Life – Published by CCMA Press 2012
Dim Mak for Martial Arts – Published by CCMA Press 2014
Sacred Turtle Abdominal Acupuncture – Published by CCM Press 2016
Wing Chun – Published by CCMA Press 2019